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Statistical Topic is Statistical Inference and Techniques -- Significance Testing Principles -- Significance Level
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View Resource Judgement by Sampling (1)

This article is an example of hypothesis testing with aspects of quality control. We have a batch of discrete items, from which we have some data about the incidence of an attribute, the data being...
View Resource Quote: Ramseyer on significance

"Old statisticians never die they just become nonsignificant." Quote by Gary Ramseyer (1934 - 2012) listed as joke #56 on Gary C. Ramseyer's First Internet Gallery of Statistics Jokes...
View Resource Cartoon: The Boyfriend

A cartoon suitable for a course website that makes use of a boxplot to display an outlier and also uses the term ?statistically significant? in its punch line. The cartoon is number 539 from the...
View Resource Joke: A Significant Personality Type

A joke to teach the meaning of type I error by University of Texas at El Paso professor of Mathematical Sciences, Lawrence Mark Lesser (1964-) and Ohio State Unviersity PRofessor of Statistics...
View Resource The Probability of Penalizing the Innocent Due to Bad Test Results

This is an example of "growing" a decision tree to analyze two possible outcomes. The tree's branches examine the two possible conditions of employee drug use with corresponding probabilities. This...
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