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Statistical Topic is Data Presentation -- Multivariate Quantitative Relationships -- Regression
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View Resource Multiple Linear Regressions Analysis

This online calculator allows users to enter 16 observations with up to 4 dependent variables and calculates the regression equation, the fitted values, R-Squared, the F-Statistic, mean, variance,...
View Resource Linear Regression and Best Fit

This lesson introduces simple linear regression with several Excel spreadsheet examples such as temperature versus cricket chirps, height versus shoe size, and laziness versus amount of TV watched. ...
View Resource Least Squares Regression Applet

This applet shows a scatterplot of height versus foot length. Users can add or delete points and then guess the regression line by clicking "Your Line" and moving the blue regression line. By...
View Resource Additional SOCR Resources

This page provides links to distribution calculators, conceptual demonstration applets, statistical tables, online data analysis packages, function and image-processing tools, and other online...
View Resource Song: Natural Log

Song about the use of the logarithmic transformation in statistics. May be sung to the tune of "Hound Dog" which was popularized by Elvis Presley. Lyrics written by Dennis Pearl with assistance...
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