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Statistical Topic is Data Presentation -- One Numerical Variable -- Measures of Spread
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View Resource Summary Statistics Calculator

This applet allows users to enter two sets of data and retrieve summary statistics on each set as well as a comparison of the two sets. The calculator returns sample size, mean, standard deviation,...
View Resource Calculus Applied to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook applies calculus to probability and statistics in a business context. Chapters include 1.Continuous Random Variables and Histograms, 2. Probability Density Functions: Uniform,...
View Resource Virtual Manipulative: Box Plot

This is a Java Applet, which allows you to load your personal data and edit data. It provides interval and endpoint values and the option to view as a histogram.
View Resource A Dataset that is 44% Outliers

This article describes a dataset of days in office of US Presidents with outliers that are not mistakes or unusually high or low observations. The data illustrate that outliers need not be errors but...
View Resource Standard Errors

This table gives the sample statistic, population parameter, population standard error, and sample standard error functions for mean, proportion, difference between means, and difference between...
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