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Statistical Topic is Data Presentation -- One Numerical Variable -- Graphical Displays
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View Resource Readability of Educational Materials for Patients with Cancer

This article describes a dataset on the readability of booklets about cancer and the reading levels of patients with cancer. Students should be familiar with scales of measurement, data reduction,...
View Resource Histogram Applet

This applet generates a histogram for two provided datasets, or by clicking "Edit Data", users can input their own data. Users can also manipulate the axes and bin width.
View Resource **Dotplot Summaries Applet

This applet generates dotplots for different data sets and allows users to guess the location of various measures of center and spread. Clicking "Resample? produces a dotplot of random data generated...
View Resource Presenting Data

This lesson on data presentation highlights various types of graphs including bar charts, pareto charts, pie charts, scatter plots, and histograms. A multiple choice test is given at the end.
View Resource A Dataset that is 44% Outliers

This article describes a dataset of days in office of US Presidents with outliers that are not mistakes or unusually high or low observations. The data illustrate that outliers need not be errors but...
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