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Statistical Topic is Data Collection -- Design of Experiments
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View Resource Experiment Resources

This site is a collection of resources related to experiments. The site includes references, resources, and articles related to the scientific method, experimental research, ethics in research, and...
View Resource Quote: Stewart on Theory and Experiment

"...experiment without mathematics will neither sufficiently discipline the mind or sufficiently extend our knowledge..." is a quote by Scottish geophysicist Balfour Stewart (1828 - 1887). The quote...
View Resource Quote: Smith on Designing Experiments

"If the experiments be quite simple the question may be without great importance; but when their requirements as to time or expenditure come into account the problem arises, how the observations...
View Resource Joke: The Publishers

A joke to be used in teaching about the use of randomization in experiments or about the Pearson correlation coefficient. The idea for the joke came from Lawrence Mark Lesser of The University of...
View Resource Song: We Are the Statletes

A song that reviews several statistical topics written by University of Texas at El Paso professor Lawrence M. Lesser. The song is a parody of "We Are the Champions" written by Freddy Mercury that...
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