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View Resource Normal Distribution

The applets in this section allow users to see how probabilities and quantiles are determined from a Normal distribution. For calculating probabilities, set the mean, variance, and limits; for...
View Resource T Probabilities

The applet in this section allows you to see how the T distribution is related to the Standard Normal distribution by calculating probabilities. The T distribution is primarily used to make...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Two Arm Normal

This page calculates either estimates of sample size or power for differences in means. The program allows for unequal sample size allocation between the two groups.
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Nonparametric Survival

This page calculates either estimates of accrual or power for null and alternative survival functions based on the non-parametric estimate of the survival distribution. The program also gives large...
View Resource Statistical Tools: One Arm Binomial

This page calculates either sample size or power for one a one sample binomial problem. Users choose between a one-sided and two-sided test and specify the null and alternative hypothesized...
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