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View Resource Kolmogorov-Smirnov One-Sample Test

This page performs a Kolmogorov-Smirnov "Goodness of Fit" test for categorical data. Users enter observed frequencies and expected frequencies for up to 8 mutually exclusive categories. The applet...
View Resource Fisher's Exact Test

This page calculates p-values for a test for association between two categorical variables.
View Resource Statistical Tools: Frequency Table

This page calculates the standard Chi-square test stastistic and Kruskal-Wallis statistic for data input by users.
View Resource Statistician Careers, Jobs, and Education Information

This site provides career and job highlights for statisticians, a statistician career overview, statistician career training information and job qualifications, job opportunities, and historical...
View Resource List of Graduate Programs in Statistics

This site provides a list of graduate programs in Statistics and closely-related fields which respond to inquiries for information via e-mail. Links to programs are provided, in addition to...
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