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View Resource Statistics Tools

This collection of calculators allows users to perform a number of statistical applications. Each provides background on the procedure and an example. Users can compute Descriptive Statistics and...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Binomial Interaction

This page calculates either estimates of sample size or power for interaction tests. The program allows for unequal sample size allocation in the four cells defined by the two treatment groups and...
View Resource Statistical Tools: Two Stage

This page calculates estimates of sample size for a two-stage study, rejection and acceptance points for a two-stage trial, and power. User inputs hypothesized values as well as significance...
View Resource Control Charts

The applets in this section allow you to see how the common Xbar control chart is constructed with known variance. The Xbar chart is constructed by collecting a sample of size n at different times t....
View Resource Correlation

The applets in this section allow you to see how different bivariate data look under different correlation structures. The Movie applet either creates data for a particular correlation or animates a...
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