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View Resource Against All Odds: 20. Significance Tests

This free online video program "explains the basic reasoning behind tests of significance and the concept of null hypothesis. The program shows how a z-test is carried out when the hypothesis...
View Resource Against All Odds: 22. Comparing Two Means

This is a free online video program. "How to recognize a two-sample problem and how to distinguish such problems from one- and paired-sample situations are the subject of this program. A confidence...
View Resource Against All Odds: 21. Inference for One Mean

In this free online video, students discover an improved technique for statistical problems that involves a population mean: the t statistic for use when sigma is not known. Emphasis is on paired...
View Resource StatCrunch YouTube Videos

This collection of YouTube videos is designed to teach individuals how to use StatCrunch to enter data, graph data, obtain descriptive statistics, and conduct many different kinds of statistical...
View Resource Hans Rosling TED Talk

In this video (which lasts almost 20 minutes), statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world."
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