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View Resource Against All Odds: 23. Inference for Proportions

This free online video program "marks a transition in the series: from a focus on inference about the mean of a population to exploring inferences about a different kind of parameter, the proportion...
View Resource Star Library: What Makes the Standard Deviation Larger or Smaller?

The activity is designed to help students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is meant by variability in statistics. Emphasis is placed on the standard deviation as a measure of...
View Resource Webinar: Using the ARTIST website to develop assessments for introductory statistics

This recording of a web seminar (webinar) provides a tour of the Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (ARTIST) web site. During this webinar, ARTIST team member Bob delMas ...
View Resource Against All Odds: 25. Inference for Relationships

In this free online video program, "students will understand inference for simple linear regression, emphasizing slope, and prediction. This unit presents the two most important kinds of inference:...
View Resource Against All Odds: 24. Inference for Two-Way Tables

In this free online video program, "a two-way table of counts displays the relationship between two ways of classifying people or things. This program concerns inference about two-way tables,...
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