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View Resource Kernel Density Estimation

This page will compute a kernel density estimate at a specified number of points, and plot the resulting estimate. Users specify type of kernel, bandwidth value, and the number of points at which...
View Resource Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics

This page discusses the differences in parametric and nonparametric tests and when to use then.
View Resource Psych 431 Latent Variable Models

This course website provides materials for teaching and learning path analysis. Materials include Regression Review, Introduction to Path Notation, Standardized Path Models, Unstandardized Path...
View Resource Statistical Methods for Clinical Research and Epidemiology

This course in Clinical Research provides homework, old exams, and reviews of introductory concepts. Topics covered include 2 by 2 Tables, Mantel-Haenszel, 2 by k Tables: Trends, Paired...
View Resource Survival Analysis

This Biostatistics course in Survival Analysis contains links to PDF and text reference materials as well as SAS and Excel files. Homework is also provided in PDF documents.
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