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View Resource Box Model

This virtual applet simulates randomly drawing numbers from a box. You can choose which numbers you would like to choose from and the number of draws. The applet has the option to show theoretical...
View Resource Coin Tossing

This is a virtual applet, which models repeaded coin tossing by a random number generator. It allows you to change the number of tosses as well as runs and records your results.
View Resource Spinners

This is a virtual spinner applet, which allows you to change spinner regions and the number of spins. It records the results and displays the data in a histogram.
View Resource Selective Attention: Gorilla Video

This video is an example of what is known in psychology as selective attention. When a person is instructed to only focus on the number of times a ball is passed between players wearing a white...
View Resource Statistical Applets: Correlation and Regression

This applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers can affect the correlation and least-squares line. Users can input their own data points and then try to fit a...
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