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View Resource Perfecting Simulations – The Quest for a Perfect Random Number Generator

Pseudo random number generators (PRNG) start with a seed value and will eventually repeat all the numbers they generate in exactly the same order. Putting in the same seed value will give precisely...
View Resource **The Central Limit Theorem – How to Tame Wild Populations

Using a parameter it?s possible to represent a property of an entire population with a single number instead of millions of individual data points. There are a number of possible parameters to c...
View Resource Random Number Generator

This random number generator produces a data table with up to 10 columns and up to 2500 rows. For random integers, users must specify the data range. For data from a Normal (Gaussian) distribution,...
View Resource Pseudo-Random Numbers and Wireless Signals – Why Cell Phone Are hard to Tap

This page provides an example of pseudo random number generators (PRNG) creating spread spectrum broadcasts and signals for encryption and decryption of wireless transmissions.
View Resource Illuminations: Activities

This collection of applets and activities from Illuminations meets NCTM Standards for grades 9-12.
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