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View Resource StatLib---Data Expo Archive

This collection of datasets from StatLib come from the bi-annual "Data Expo" at the Joint Statistical Meetings. The datasets comes with instructions and questions to consider. For the Disease and...
View Resource StatLib---Datasets Archive

This collection of datasets from StatLib are in various formats: text, shar files, and Word documents. Each link is followed by a short description.
View Resource StatLib---Andrews & Herzberg Archive

This collection of datasets from StatLib are from the book "Data" by Andrews and Herzberg. There are over 70 datasets listed. Each list entry gives the dataset description and the first few and...
View Resource Probability and Statistics Journals on the Web

This site contains links to journals on probability and statistics published around the world. "Some publishers require registration to browse abstracts. Others require a current subscription to the...
View Resource Webinar: Putting Your Spotlight on CAUSEweb

Submitting your spotlight presentation from USCOTS 2005 to CAUSEweb is an easy process, and you are in a prime position to submit your work! What better way to have your work showcased than in a...
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