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View Resource The Statistics of Style

This article describes an exercise, Probability and Statistics, which develops a statistic that measures the variety of noun usage in order to distinguish two authors. The exercise emphasizes the use...
View Resource Do-It-Yourself Opinion-poll Sampling Experiments

This article describes a sampling experiments based on Opinion-poll type data as an alternative to coin-tossing experiments for social science students.
View Resource Pictoral Representation of Kendall's Rank Correlation Coefficient

This article explains the method of determining Kendall's Rank correlation coefficient, z, by drawing lines between corresponding points in the two rankings.
View Resource Hypothesis Testing and Proof by Contradiction: An Analogy

The "proof by contradiction" in mathematics, provides a reasonable parallel to the concept of hypothesis testing and in the process helps students see the fallacy of believing that the null...
View Resource Simple Power Curve Constructions

This article illustrates important concepts of hypothesis testing, including the null and alternative hypotheses, power and sensitivity.
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