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View Resource Statistics Assignments

This is a collection of worksheets and activities in combination with worksheets. Topics in probability address notation, estimating, conditional probability, complements and probability trees,...
View Resource Spinners

This is a virtual spinner applet, which allows you to change spinner regions and the number of spins. It records the results and displays the data in a histogram.
View Resource ** Linear Regression Calculator

This Flash applet provides an introduction to simple linear regression for introductory statistics students. It combines a brief narrated animation with an interactive scatterplot function. ...
View Resource The Regression Line and Correlation : Unit Overview

This Unit Plan includes 4 lessons covering Correlation and Regression. Students will use interactive computer-based tools to investigate the relationship between a set of data points and a curve...
View Resource Shrinking Candles, Running Water, Folding Boxes

This activity allows students to look for functions within a given set of data. After analyzing the data, the student should be able to determine a type of function that represents the data.
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