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View Resource Standard Errors and The Central Limit Theorm

This lesson introduces the Central Limit Theorem and discusses it in terms of the normal distribution, binomial distribution, and Poisson distribution.
View Resource Confidence Limits

This lesson introduces confidence intervals and how to calculate them. A multiple choice test is given at the end.
View Resource HyperStat Online Statistical Analysis: Descriptive Statistics

This page computes a variety of descriptive statistics and creates a stem and leaf plot. Enter data in the text area, specify a delimiter (Space, Return, Tab, New line), and click "Compute". The...
View Resource Two Sample Tests

This lesson introduces two sample hypothesis testing for means and discusses the one-tailed and two-tailed t-tests.
View Resource Types of Variable

This lesson on types of variables highlights characteristics of quanitative (discrete/continuous)and qualitative (nominal/ordinal) variables as well as percentages and proportions. A multiple choice...
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