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View Resource SPSS Class Notes

This page provides class notes and online movie lectures for beginning SPSS users. Students will learn to enter, explore, modify, manage, and analyze data in SPSS and will gain hands-on experience...
View Resource UCLA Statistics Datasets

This collection of datasets, posted by UCLA, is divided into 6 groups: Datasets for Teaching; Data from Books; Data from Consulting Projects; Data from National Statistics Agencies; Social Science...
View Resource Datasets from Drug Research

This collection of datasets comes from several phases of drug research. Each dataset comes with a full description and questions to answer from the data.
View Resource Oral Toxicity Study in Dogs

This dataset comes from a study on dogs 4 doses of a drug. Data on the alkaline phosphatase levels in their blood was collected throughout the experiment. Questions from this study refer to the...
View Resource Exploratory Pharmacokinetic Study

This dataset comes from a study of 7 healthy males given a topical medication. Blood samples were collected at specified time intervals, and data on isomer concentrations were collected. Questions...
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