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View Resource SISA

SISA allows you to do statistical analysis directly on the Internet. Choose a procedure name and enter the information used for analysis. Various statistics, distributions, calculations, and...
View Resource SurfStat Australia

This website serves as an online textbook for introductory statistics, covering topics such as summarizing and presenting data, producing data, variation and probability, statistical inference, and...
View Resource Stat-Attic Statistics Applets for Teaching Topics in Introductory Courses

This site contains links to and descriptions of over 600 applets that can be used for demonstrations or analysis of topics commonly covered in introductory statistics courses.
View Resource Grades 9-12 Data Analysis and Probability

This site is a collection of activity lessons designed to meet NCTM standards for data analysis and probability. Topics include: Buffon's Needle, Regression, Expected Value, Correlation, Variance...
View Resource Stats: Checking Out the Facts and Figures Behind the News

This site presents may articles on current events and issues that challenge statistics reported in the news. Each article encourages readers to think critically about statistics reported by the...
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