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View Resource Physical Strength and Job Performance

This case study aims to answer the question, "How does one select employees to perform physically demanding jobs?" It examines the relationship between isometric strength tests and job performance...
View Resource Diet and Health

This case study compares a low-fat diet to a "Mediterranean diet" to see which led to better health. Concept: Chi Square test of independence
View Resource Instructor Reputation and Teacher Ratings

This case study covers the concepts including: boxplots, stem and leaf displays, two-sample t tests, and analysis of variance. It also assesses the question, "Does an instructor's reputation affect...
View Resource Smiles and Leniency

This case study addresses the question: "Will a smiling person accused of a crime be treated more leniently than one who is not smiling? If so, does the type of smile make a difference?" It concerns...
View Resource Who is Buying iMacs?

This case study covers the following concepts: confidence intervals for proportions and the normal approximation to the binomial. It also assesses the question: "What proportion of the iMac...
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