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View Resource The Statistics of Hiring

This short article discusses how the comparative ratios of the tails of normal distributions can result in bias in hiring practices. It contains a link to an applet that shows the comparative tail...
View Resource Mrs. Smart's AP Statistics Assignments

This site provides a set of daily activities with subjects including Chi Square Tests for Goodness of Fit, Chi Square Tests of Independence, and Hypothesis Tests Practice. To use the computer,...
View Resource Introduction to Statistics Activity on SRS's from the TI-83

This activity focuses on stratified random samples, how to use the TI-83 to quickly select simple random samples, and explores some of the reasons why we use random samples.
View Resource Morse Code, Scrabble, and the Alphabet

This article provides a data collection and analysis activity for illustrating simple linear regression and outlier analysis. The activity was designed to involve students in the process of data...
View Resource Multiple Comparisons

This exercise includes a discussion on comparing data with very different sample sizes and nonhomogeneity of variance. The data comes from a study on the behavior of pregnant women with regard to...
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