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View Resource Statiscope

This applet allows the user to input data for which the applet will list the sum, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, the minimum, maximum, quartile 1, quartile 3, and the...
View Resource How Random is Random?

This site is a tutorial that takes students through a mayoral election process while discussing the concept of randomness. Topics include margin of error and confidence levels.
View Resource Testosterone and Antisocial Behavior

This set of exercises asks students to model relationships and test them based on the chi-square distribution. The data used is based on testosterone levels and delinquency rate of American military...
View Resource Transformations

This applet allows you to see the effect of various transformations on the relationship between two variables. The site lets you input your own data or allows you to choose from one of the given...
View Resource Distribution Calculator Lines

The program DistCalc calculates probabilities and critical values for the most important distributions. The purpose of this program is to show the concept of critical values and the replacement of...
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