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View Resource Stats: Checking Out the Facts and Figures Behind the News

This site presents may articles on current events and issues that challenge statistics reported in the news. Each article encourages readers to think critically about statistics reported by the...
View Resource History of Statistics

This site contains links to documents with information about the history of statistics and statisticians. Topics include the statisticians Bayes, Huygens, Carlyle, Laplace, Legendre, Pascal,...
View Resource Introduction to Probability

This introductory probability textbook, freely available here in pdf format, emphasizes the use of computing to simulate experiments and make computations. A set of programs that go with the book and...
View Resource Calculus Applied to Probability and Statistics

This online textbook applies calculus to probability and statistics in a business context. Chapters include 1.Continuous Random Variables and Histograms, 2. Probability Density Functions: Uniform,...
View Resource The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education

This site provides the contents of the online book "The Assessment Challenge in Statistics Education".
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