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View Resource Normal Probability Calculation Demonstrations

The applets on this page, from "Seeing Statistics," demonstrate calculations related to the normal distribution. Users can calculate z-scores and probabilities under the curve and see the area they...
View Resource ** Linear Regression Calculator

This Flash applet provides an introduction to simple linear regression for introductory statistics students. It combines a brief narrated animation with an interactive scatterplot function. ...
View Resource Illuminations: Activities

This collection of applets and activities from Illuminations meets NCTM Standards for grades 9-12.
View Resource Random Number Generator

This random number generator produces a data table with up to 10 columns and up to 2500 rows. For random integers, users must specify the data range. For data from a Normal (Gaussian) distribution,...
View Resource Statistical Applets: Correlation and Regression

This applet is designed to help students see correlations in data and see how outliers can affect the correlation and least-squares line. Users can input their own data points and then try to fit a...
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