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View Resource Statistical Applets: Mean-Standard Deviation Analysis of Two-Asset Portfolios

This applet illustrates the concept of risk versus return in investment portfolios by analyzing mean and standard deviation and graphing results. It accompanies "Practice of Business Statistics,"...
View Resource Linear Regression

This applet, for which the source code is available, lets you mark the locations of ordered pairs, (x, y), on the left screen, and then the applet determines the equation of the regression line and...
View Resource Buffon's Needle

This is a "Building Block" for the Buffon Needle problem. The source code and compile code are included as well as separate files for each. Users able to test the applet to determine if it meets...
View Resource Components of r

As described on the page itself: "The simulation shows a scatterplot of data from a bivariate distribution in which the relationship between the two variables is linear. You can change the "input"...
View Resource **Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution

This demonstration allows you to view the binomial distribution and the normal approximation to it as a function of the probability of a success on a given trial and the number of trials. It can be...
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